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Gauntlett Institute

The Gauntlett Institute Adventure. . .

  Ggauntlett Institute heart "Born in the aftermath of the summer of LOVE - 1968"
The Gauntlett Institute, also known as the Gauntlett Institute Cooperative is a research cooperative for innovative and theraputic politosophical metanarrative services and products to aid a world in crisis. Founded and run by Glenda Gauntlett between 1968–72, until the institute became a political target.

In keeping with the original spirit, nephew Professor Handlebrass of the same family name as the original founder has reestablished the work at state of the art head quarters in London in 2014 where the team instigate possibilities of the extensive research. The Institute has since had to move due to external pressures again. Excellence and common, quantum mathmatiscience, joining the dots with the things we all need or don't need.

The G.I does things a certain way. Welcome. We want you to love us, we love you too. That's a promise.
Gaintlett Institute Brain
    Lightening Seeking and finding. Overturning or climbing over obstacles.
Solving easy and difficult problems with ease.
It's so obvious, let's make the future doable.
Who are you dealing with?      
Professor Handlebrass Gauntlett The Gauntlett Institute supports
Professor Gauntlett A Particle physicist most known for his discovery of Time Accelerated Growth Handles. (TAGH's). Prof. Gauntlett works tirelessly to lobby for returning to CERN and harness the Large Hadron Collider for a super charged TAGH applicator to reforest Europe and North Africa, sequestering billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and providing habitats for billions of creatures, improving quality of life and supplying food and reversing soil erosion, climate change and the economic system. These dreams are woven through all his work. End Ecodide
"Our findings are so hard to believe that no-body believes them!"
- Professor Gauntlett
    Tagh's explained Tagh's demonstration    
Dr. med. Jeshmio Prioria      
Jeshmio Prioria A specialist in predicting direction trends, exploration of deep space with the 'eye'. In his own words "You don't always see". Dr. Prioria is co–collaborator of the Gauntlett Institute bringing M.S.&F technology making the G.I.P.I. agency possible. Marble Funnel  
"You don't always see"      
Leonora Splintern        
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Glenda Gauntlett (1929-1999)        
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The World famous Gauntlett Institute has moved!
The Gauntlett Institute came under undisclosed intelligence agency pressure again and we had to move again.
Gauntlett Institute Laboratory Gauntlett Institute hidden
The Gauntlett Institute's secret state of the art facility. See how it is hidden in the forest
The original Gauntlett Institute c.1969        

We can now reveal the secret location of the first ever Gauntlett Institute HQ.

The first base for Glenda Gauntlett's revolutionary work could be found beneath Richard Buckminster Fuller's
Montréal Biosphère.



A whopping 10% of G.I. profit is funnelled into World saving NGO's

Science and Community are the back bone of life!

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