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No man, woman or child is an island. Non-Islands need each other... in fact in this Universe independence is an illusion.  - Glenda Gauntlett
The Gauntlett Institute would like to thank the following artists and scientists:
Juke box Juke!
How lucky was the G.I. gaining the assistance of the brilliant Juke! in making the perfect music for our Absolutely Nothing findings video! Juke! make music for video, film and more. They are based in Brazil where music is well known. We look forward to working with you again!
Gauntlett and son Gauntlett & Son
Our web design and other design plus PR, consultation / other non-scientific tasks a business relies on (in this day and age), is handled by this fantastic outfit headed by the prolific ideas generator Henrik G Dahle. The writer and author of The Art of Climbing Trees. A book Professor H. Gauntlett personally endorses.


A whopping 10% of G.I. profit is funnelled into World saving NGO's

This is where incredible pseudo science and politics come to life!

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